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January 2021 (Issue 34)

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Hope: ‘Hold On Pain Ends’  Sumol Pious gives us a deeper understanding of hope, as we enter a new year.

Hope in the New Year Hope in God strengthens us, says Joel Alex, who learned total surrender to God’s Will during his full-timership in Uganda.

Engineered by His Grace An engineer, Reji Francis traces two decades of journeying with the Lord that began with three prayers

Riding Storms on His Shoulders  Reflecting on the poem, Footprints in the Sand, SujaSiju recollects the trials that tormented her family and the unwavering presence of God, especially during them.

Talking to TharayilAchen Anu Pinheiro speaks to Fr. Thomas Tharayil, on his new responsibilities in the Latin Catholic Church of Kerala and the role of the movement in the Church.

With our regular features – Ask Fr. Bitaju, Jesus Youth, Pope Talk, Our Daily Bread, Sound Reply, Chandeliers and Quiz Time – available in the January 2021 issue.

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